• During the year 1991 a group of friends decided to support poor children situated in the Bengal bay. A intense promotion and defense of infant rights began.


  • During the year 2000 Care to Action Italia became a NPO (Non Profit Organization) and since then worked with the collaboration partner, local association as well as communities of Andhra Pradesh. The intensified collaboration had the target to answer in an appropriate manner the necessities of the most vulnerable children of this region with specific education, health and nutrition programs.


  • In 2007 Care&Share Italia became a NGO.


  • During 2016 – together with the program of sponsorship program – Care to Action Italia developed projects to support children not only in Andhra Pradesh, but also in the region of Telangana as well as in the tribal zones of South India and to guarantee the access to education of the most marginalized children of those regions.