What are the tribal zones?

The tribal zones are territories in the north-east of the country, in which more than 8.6% of the Indian population lives. Those who are living in these zones are called Adivasi, which in Hindi means indigenous people.

In fact, the Adivasi are the direct descendants of the communities that lived in India before the arrival of the current Indians, the Arya. Historically, discriminated by the majority of Indians in the path of following centuries, the Adivasi searched shelters in isolated areas where they learned to live in close contact with the nature from which they obtain everything to survive.

Why do we work in these areas?

By living on the edge of society, the majority of Adivasi do not have access to education, therefore are illiterate. In the tribal areas, in fact, scholar structures and teachers are missing and for this reason we decided to work in these areas by promoting education projects.

What are we doing?

In the district of Vishakhapatnam we have identified four tribal villages in which – due to low teaching conditions – less than half of the population is able to write or read. Therefore, in order to promote literacy of the inhabitants of Dekkapuram, Ramulaputtu, Geddamputtu and Panasapalli, we decided to work in the fields of:

  • Infrastructures (schools, bathrooms, libraries and canteens)
  • Provide scholastic materials (books, notebooks, pens, desks, chairs, maps)
  • Basic english teaching
  • Sensitization of the communities about the importance of education

How are you able to help us?

If you desire as well to promote education within these tribal areas, help us in this project.
Trough a donation – small or large – you guarantee the possibility to these children in these tribal areas to grow and be able to build a better future for themselves.