The emergency is back to India, worse than before

From April 2021 a second wave of Covi-19 infections has burst in India, mainly caused by the Indian variant of the virus. 300.000 new cases are registered every day. The situation is dramatic. In hospitals there is not enough oxigen neither beds. Panic has induced a real “swab-rush” which is paralyzing the already weak health system of the country. Those who are positive to the virus immediately need to find a room or a place to stay while doing the so called “quarantine on payment”.

Finding any kind of medical assistance or simply doing a swab is very complicated.

Why are we taking action?

The central government has invited the NGOs to fight together this unprecedented crisis which is affecting the life and job of the population, especially poor and marginalized people. Andhra Pradesh is one of the states where the virus spread harshly: the rate of positive tests is 8.67%. Care&Share for 30 years has been supporting the most vulnerable and marginalized children, so the NGO obviously decided to answer the call.

We believe that in order to make a change the main focuses should be education and an intervention in the community to whom the children belong. Our aim is granting not only schooling but also the access to a dignified life. In this moment not only the children education is at risk, but even their own health and that of their families. Let’s tackle this challenge!

What are we doing?

Care&Share support develops along three intervention areas: monitoring, prevention, medication. We are constantly in touch with the children involved in our program of long-distance support. To those who are found positive, we grant quarantine accomodation, medical assistance, medicines and nutritional support. But we want to prevent as well. We provide to our children and those of the supported communities a doctor, swabs and a monthly food kit in case one of the family members turns out positive. And finally we take care of the infected ones, allowing them to do their quarantine, bringing them medicines and helping the Health Centers (first-help centers).

How can you help us?

We’ll be on the front line until we’ll have enough strength to do that, this is why we rely on your support. You can sustain us through a donation which grants protection to ill, weak and marginalized people. There are many ways to transform a small donation into a lifeline for a child, a family, a community. For example the “immunity box”, medical supplies for those who have just completed their quarantine (not provided by the health system) or the “medical kit” for those in quarantine; food supplies for the confined families with a positive member; an accomodation for the quarantine period; a doctor at disposal. Finally the Health Centers, first-aid centers which are now collapsing due to poorly-equipped medical staff, exhausted by the number of patients and by the heat.