Alviero Martini was born in Cuneo, where he completed his artistic studies concluding them with a specialization in window set ups. At the age of fourteen he learned to cut and sew, becoming a costume designer in the following years, as well as an actor in a theater company. In 1976, he starred in Affabulazione, a work by Pier Paolo Pasolini, alongside Vittorio Gassman.

In 1987, Martini decorated a suitcase by attaching to it an ancient geographical map, with which he set up a shop window in Rome. Hence the idea of launching a line of bags and baggage decorated with the geographical map called Prima Classe, which obtains international fame. Martini is the creator of a new concept that combines travel and fashion.

In 1996, the boutique opened in Via Montenapoleone hosts Richard Gere with his exhibition of twenty photographs taken in Tibet. In 2006, Alviero Martini launched the ALV line (acronym for Andare Lontano Viaggiando) of bags, accessories, and clothes, marked by the motif of the passport seals for which in 2010 he won the Look of the Year Fashion Award. He continues his activity as a creator of new styles that combine the journey with culture and fashion, and also engage in an innovative use of social media.

Since 2002, he has been actively involved with Care & Share Italia. He has organized events across Europe to promote our cause with a volunteer’s spirit of dedication and commitment. Over the years he has promoted the construction of family homes for abandoned children and has supported over ten children remotely. Since 2016, he is a member of the Managing Committee of our association. In 2019, he accompanied Kabir Bedi during the appearances on his Italian tour.