Who are the untouchables?

The untouchables are a population on the bottom of the Indian cast system, which holds its origin from Hinduism and that divided the Indian society in four casts: Brahmins, the warriors, merchants and servants.
Differently to these four social groups, the untouchables are excluded from the cast system and are therefore out of cast. They do not belong to any cast and are considered inferior to members of other casts and are therefore excluded as well as discriminated, out of the fear for the other cast members to become “impure” trough the contact with them.

Why are we support the untouchables?

The untouchables are living far away from the other casts and are concentrated in the slums, in highly densely populated suburbs of big cities. The typical characterization of these areas are dilapidated housings and dramatically precarious living conditions.

What are we doing?

The conditions of extreme poverty in the slums are influencing mostly the children who – not only exposed to risk of malnutrition and diseases connected to water contamination – do not have the possibility to receive quality education.
For this reason, that we have decided to work in the slums of Hyderabad and Vijayawada in order to implement new projects in the field of education. This sustains the most vulnerable children. Specifically, in these slums we:

  • Restructure the schools and Anganwadi
  • Guarantee a regular access and furniture to the drinking water
  • Provide pens, pencils, notebooks, desks, chairs, maps, backpacks, toys and other scholar materials that can make the Anganwadi and other elementary/ high schools interactive and stimulating places
  • Diffuse the sensibility of the families and community towards the importance of education
  • Organize complete medical checkup every third month within schools and nurseries

How you can help us?

Not having access to education, unfortunately, means only one thing for the children and adolescents of the slum: remaining within the vicious circle of poverty.
Through a donation – small or large – you can change their destiny, giving them the possibility to build a better future compared to what they would expect.